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FBI reportedly uses data from travel company for global surveillance


Travel data has also been used to catch people like card scam site operator Alexei Burkov, according to Forbes.

Saber did not respond to requests for comment, while Kher’s lawyer and the Justice Department declined to comment.

Saber isn’t the only travel data giant (Amadeus and Travelport are the other two), and it has spent time in the spotlight after helping the United States trace the paths of the 11 hijackers. September after their attack. However, this new report suggests that Saber was used to actively monitor known suspects and criminals.

It also highlights important privacy concerns. Companies like Saber hold huge amounts of data that could be subject to abuse. This may already be happening – the FBI allegedly used the All Writs Act, the same controversial measure it attempted to use to force Apple to reset iPhone data, to request information from Kher. The data isn’t very useful during the pandemic, but it could be problematic every time travel resumes normally.

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